Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express

The Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express is part of the chefs choice waffle maker range, here is a description on the Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express.

  • Bake and roll into a variety of filled treats and appetizers
  • Easy and fast; 3 mini cones in less than 60 seconds
  • Instant temperature recovery – always ready to bake
  • Color select control – golden to brown; nonstick easy release coating
  • Locking latch for uniform thickness with built in cord storage

Product choice DescriptionChef Petite Cone Express 836 is equipped with a cone-shaped and recipesAmazon Rolling. com cones ReviewThe much came from the Chef’s Choice Petite Cone Express can be filled with the ingredients, sweet or salty, which makes them fun for appetizers or a holiday party ice-cream. The shape of a waffle cones cooks more units at a time in their round plates, which lets you take up to three 3-inch cones in approximately one minute. It also includes inst. . . More>>

The average rating of the Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express is 4.0
Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express

4 Responses to “Chef’s Choice 836 Petite Cone Express”

  • This machine is most suitable to do stroopwafels Dutch. Stroopwafels waffles are made with leavened dough, divide in half, and half is then covered with Hot Fudge. 2 half pieces are then put back together to make chewy cookies Stroopwafel. 3 inches would be the ideal size for traditional biscuits. I agree with the previous review, that 3 “cones would be inappropriate at best. I’m going to buy this waffle maker for the exclusive use of Stroopwafels.No do I control the operation of the product, which has not yet. Once I do, I update the review. Rating: 4

  • I just got the creator of the cone and a great recipe I found online. This gadget is the best, I only took 2 tries to do things right! I have done so much in so little time, everyone in my house loves it. and I bought a machine for ice cream and to go along with it:) Rating: 5

  • Do not waste your time purchasing this product. At first I thought this would be a great kitchen gadget for small cones for my kids or just want to handle a little ‘, I was wrong. The manufacture did not think that as soon as you make waffles, you have to be fast and roll the waffle cones too cold for that. Well, instead of one, you must rotate the three time before it cools. I tried many times to shoot each one as quickly as possible, but in the second third of the wafer is cooled and has not had a chance to be rolled in the shape of a cone. It is not really smart to sell the production of this product, unless it comes with three producers to wrap the waffle cone and inches, to indicate that you need three people to do or not work. Do not bother to buy this product unless you’re an experienced producer of a cone. But I went ahead and bought manufacturer regular size cone. It ‘hard to perfect the perfect cone, without a hole in the bottom, but at least I have time to complete a cone at a time without it cools quickly on me. Addition, the petite rediculously waffle cone is too small to try to wrap. It ‘really a waste of energy. You can put the mixture in a single cone of bloodshed, and to do it one by one, if that’s what you’re looking for. That might work. But, personally, not worth my time and money spent on the thing. Rating: 1

  • Amazon is 100% reliable, as promised delivery. The product is excellent in quality, materials and performance. PETITE cone or cookies are the perfect size, a much larger Sinfully fattening cone. ? Anyway going to eat more than one! Living in Mexico, I make my recipe for waffle CONE MIX, which became a great variety of delicious cones. MIX DDA. And TSP. OTHER flour, butter, milk, nuts, sweeteners, and I was able to obtain various degrees of freshness FLAVORS, thickness and also a larger wafer, up to 7 can easily pulgadas.Usted can rotate the 3 cones, working with both on a cloth, not a COUNTER COLD?. Enjoy as I do! Rating: 5

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