CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

The CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker is part of the villaware waffle maker range, here is a description on the CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker.

  • Makes four 3.25 inch pizzelles at a time
  • Non-stick grids
  • Cone roller included
  • 750 Watts

Product description of the most beautiful Pizzelle are you’ve seen! Il Piccolo Pizzelle Baker 4 mini Pizzella at a time. Cookies measure 3. 25 inches, the size of an ideal snack for any occasion. Networks that do not abide for easy cleaning. Hand wash. Cone roller included. . . . More>>

The average rating of the CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker is 3.5
CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

5 Responses to “CucinaPro 220-03 Piccolo Pizzelle Baker”

  • I was excited when he found an iron which is four cookies at a time, but the size of cookies is too small and not cook evenly. A party is not burned, while another part is still not ready yet. Very disappointed. Rating: 1

  • I was dismayed to see how the children were Pizzella. I realized that had to be small to contain iron, but I thought that maybe the iron was greater. Rating: 2

  • This is a great product. You must be a bit ‘faster of the two, while the model CucinaPro ho. Perhaps that is why the person who gave a estrella.La make cookies very quickly. Rating: 5

  • I have done for years Pizzella for friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers at Christmas. With Kitchen Pro, these are just the right size for dipping chocolate and emphasizing their right to any cookie platter. Rating: 4

  • I’m so glad I ordered this Ferratella producer. I love the small size of each and making small talk at once. My parents and grandparents, all Pizzella and had a great variety of dishes, but this is the best. The sending system is also a great advantage! Rating: 5

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