Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

The Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker is part of the cuisinart waffle maker range, here is a description on the Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker.

  • Makes deep-pocket Belgian waffles
  • Nonstick coating on waffle plates
  • Six-setting browning control dial
  • Stands upright for convenient storage
  • Three-year limited warranty

Product DescriptionTurn breakfast or dessert in a moment with the Cuisinart WMB ® 2 Belgian waffle maker. Amazon. com ReviewCuisinart whoever becomes two sections at a Belgian waffle waffle pro! Preheat waffle maker setting the desired temperature quickly and maintains that temperature, while the baker fusses to pour the mixture. A red light indicates the unit is cooking waffles and then turns green when finished. The nonstick coatin. . . More>>

The average rating of the Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker is 3.5
Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker

5 Responses to “Cuisinart WMB-2 2-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker”

  • MY DAUGHTER 14 really enjoy waffles. This is the largest wafer we like to use it, is of high quality. OUR LAST ONE ALL was really bad stuck to it. THANKS Rating: 5

  • Purchased this unit for women. We appliaces other Cuisinart, coffee maker and toaster, convection oven. This unit works well, making waffles for the first time we have highlighted, but the second time, there was darkness, it was great. Don forget Lil sprayed with PAM. . . . . . Making them is fun, but for me it is better to eat. . . . . . Rating: 5

  • This is not the best producer of Belgian Waffles available. Doneness Selector is a good feature, but the need for a charlatan overflow ring. You need to either 1) overly talkative and clean the resulting mess, or 2) learn to waffle like Swiss cheese. Rating: 3

  • Well, it worked as it should. As the warranty has expired, however, died shortly after. Appliences be as simple as one would expect to be able to resolve the problem. Apparently, neither is it meant to be repaired. I’ve never seen shit like screw in my life – that put them once and for all, not even try to unscrew. Disposable – certainly not built to last. Rating: 1

  • I had two of these waffle. I agree with the comments on this most of iron in their beehive-making capacity. BUT, I had two of these irons just stop working or heat. Have never been abused or misused or submerged or removed. . . The first time I replaced the Cuisinart was defective. Now, even if the property shall remain in effect refuse to replace it. Both irons no earlier than 100 usos.Evite! Rating: 1

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