KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black

The KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black is part of the kitchen aid waffle maker range, here is a description on the KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black.

  • Constant temperature baking
  • Digital countdown timer
  • Drip channel along edge helps prevent overflow and spills
  • Non-stick waffle plates wipe clean with paper towel or damp cloth
  • Space-saving design for display or storage

DescriptionProfessional results from the comfort of your kitchen. With a special clamshell baking unit that allows the pasta to cover both top and bottom plates can produce extra thick waffles (1. 25-inches) in perfect shape. Within five minutes or less fabulous waffles will be ready for the joy within two-years warranty. Model KPWB100. . . . More>>

The average rating of the KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black is 4.5
KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black

5 Responses to “KitchenAid ProLine Waffle Baker – Zinc/ Onyx Black”

  • KitchenAid Griddle When I pulled out of the box, I immediately realized how heavy and “durable” feel. I read the instructions, turned, and began using the camera pods. E ‘was great, fluffy waffles. I was very happy. The next time I used it a month later, the unit comes on. I looked at my power cable (also included in my Vitamix blender to see if they had blown a circuit), and all was well. My dough was ready, but the unit comes on. It ‘was really frustrating, especially because my sister was visiting Montreal and told me that this machine made great waffles. [. . . ] Rating: 2

  • Waffle maker that’s all that I hoped it was. Great works. Rating: 5

  • crs:

    I do not understand why this device is awful good reviews. It ‘impossible to get a decent waffle cooked unless you use a precise amount of chemical pulp, otherwise the batter runs along the side or yields a porous, irregular pods. Wafers were burned or undercooked, and the machine requires cleaning with a toothpick to get crispy all the little gaps. Then you have to clean the counter and sweep the floor to collect the debris. I wish I had never opened the box and instead had become too expensive for this product before I stuck with it. Rating: 1

  • ALY:

    Baker wafer This is an exceptional product. It is built like a tank, has controls logical and is very impressive. After a couple of times, even their children will be able to make a perfect waffle. KitchenAid good work! Rating: 5

  • I bought this waffle about 1. 5 years ago and am very pleased with his performance. I have a bed and breakfast, and iron is used at least once a week, usually for three or four games. Waffles makes perfect on both sides. I only have one criticism, there are two pieces of plastic on the back of the plate, which have fallen due to cleaning. It ‘difficult to clean the outside of the plate, without coming into contact with these two pieces, and I think the fact that the plastic is a bad idea – that seem to have cracked due to heat. This had a secondary effect the look, but without a significant effect on the functionality of the pot. Iron is an expensive, relatively, but it was worth the money. It ‘a huge machine, and people always gawk at him and wonder what is (are way hotter in search of other irons I’ve seen in motels, more rounded and aerodynamic than the Waring). Rating: 5

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