Rival Waffle Cone Maker

The Rival Waffle Cone Maker is part of the chefs choice waffle maker range, here is a description on the Rival Waffle Cone Maker.

  • Makes homemade waffle cones, sundae dishes, and cookies
  • Indicator light shows when baking is finished
  • Non-stick surface makes clean-up easy
  • Includes a special cone roller for making traditional waffle cones
  • Measures approximately 14-3/8 by 8-7/8 by 4-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Product DescriptionThis is perfect for those who really loves ice cream. Now you can make delicious ice cream waffle cones, as required in the store. In addition, you can make waffle cone bowls and biscuits! The package includes waffle cone maker, cone and rolls of tasty recipes. . . . More>>

The average rating of the Rival Waffle Cone Maker is 3.0
Rival Waffle Cone Maker

3 Responses to “Rival Waffle Cone Maker”

  • I used this waffle cone machine a few times to make my favorite rolls waffles “and everyone wanted. May I add the milk a simple recipe but great which comes from production, and together with the stuffing I make rolls delicious waffles for any occasion! Rating: 5

  • MSL:

    This waffle cone maker is more like a pizzel iron or krumkakke. The depth of the waffle cones is not the cream store. The recipe that comes with it is very similar to krumkakke and certainly not a traditional waffle cone ice cream or your favorite cheese or ice from the cones waffle shop store brand Scoopy. Why krumkakke iron can meet your needs. Rating: 3

  • Pods very irregular ago. Some parts are overbaked some underbaked. . . . : (We tried two samples of this product and both were the same: ((( Rating: 1

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