Single Waffle Baker

The Single Waffle Baker is part of the commercial waffle maker range, here is a description on the Single Waffle Baker.

  • Easy to clean, non-stick SilverStone surface.
  • Coiled handle never gets hot.
  • Precise temperature sensors ensure uniform baking.
  • Makes up to 20 seven-inch-diameter waffles per hour.
  • Exclusive floating hinges keep batter from overflowing.

DescriptionDigitally of the products tested, only one network NEMCO Waffle Bakers can serve fresh, golden brown waffles with convenience and ease. Simply complete and press the shutter button. Temperature sensors must ensure uniform cooking on both sides. LED has a reading of the cooking time. Bell says that the minute baking is complete. Exclusive floating hinges to keep the dough from overflowing. Type coil spring handle never gets hot. Aluminum grilles seven inches up to 20 seven-inch wafers. . . More>>

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Single Waffle Baker

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