VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker

The VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker is part of the villaware waffle maker range, here is a description on the VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker.

  • Simple-to-use waffle maker housed in durable cast aluminum
  • Bakes 3 3-inch-wide waffles in shape of a daisy, rose, and sunflower
  • Heating unit rotates during cooking; 7 browning levels
  • Cooking complete signal; nonstick for easy release and quick cleanup
  • Measures 15-1/4 by 5-3/4 by 7-1/4 inches

Product DescriptionEnjoy a bouquet of crisp golden waffles in fanciful floral shapes with this little ‘seriousness quack bloom. VillaWare Waffle Iron produces a trio of small pods in the form of a daisy, rose and sunflower. The heating unit rotates during cooking to fill molds with the dough evenly, ensuring consistent results. Seven browning levels allow you to customize cool, and a ring signals when waffles are ready. Thanks to a non-stick coating, cleaning is the evaluation copy. . . More>>

The average rating of the VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker is 3.0
VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker

5 Responses to “VillaWare V2009 UNO Petite Flower Gravity Waffle Maker”

  • Ending a week. everything bienFin two weeks. one part is broken the lock mechanism. no longer close completely. so you can not do barquillos.La piece is a small piece of black plastic. I wonder if everyone is wrong. but I know I waffle and not to risk anything for these people. Rating: 1

  • I had two problems reported by previous users. There is a small metal hook is released, then this breaks the black plastic near the handle. Who arrived broken, but once I had the loose pieces out, closed and seemed to work very well. . . . twice. . . . Third time I started using it, heats up, made a series of wafers, then heats up again. I took it apart (because I loved so much!) And can be seen in a capacitor plate was hurt circuito.Tienen zero customer service, if you want to try a repair yourself ordering another dish idea circuito.Cute Piss – poor quality and customer service to zero. I do not want to buy from them again. Rating: 1

  • I have this Tuesday morning at the inn, and end about 12 flowers for the value, then stopped working. I took and gave me another, it was found that about 21 flowers, now is not working. The type of wafer starts to warm up and never reaches the cooking temperature. I’m pulling my age and stick with regular waffle iron. VillaWare not for me. Rating: 1

  • The only thing I did not care because this waffle is that the locking mechanism did not work quite well. There is a small piece of metal that must move in and out of place with the turn of the waffle iron. My not work on your own. You have to go back to his place so you can manually close the wafer. I just had a VillaWare waffle maker that I loved, so I was surprised when it does not work very well. However, despite this problem, I was very happy with the pods. They were the perfect size for lunch and liked it too. Rating: 4

  • This is a great buy. You’ll find a bargain with such a low price. The wafer is strong and of good quality and that produces the most beautiful flower-shaped waffles. It is also recipes, if you want to change things a bit ‘. Rating: 5

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